Mechanical Extraction Ventilation
System 3 - Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) System

Under Part F of the Building Regulations, System 3 covers continuous mechanical extract ventilation (MEV). This can be either a whole house centralised MEV system, or localised decentralised MEV fan.

The centralised MEV system is typically located in a loft space or hallway cupboard. Multiple ducts run from the unit to the kitchen, bathroom, ensuites and other wet rooms of a property to simultaneously draw moisture laden air from these wet rooms to control humidity levels.

Decentralised MEV (dMEV) are individual room fans which operate continuously to draw moisture from either the bathroom, kitchen, utility room or other wet room. Continuous mechanical systems should include either manual or automatic controls (i.e. humidity sensors) to operate on between trickle and boost modes.


System 3 - Ventilation Solutions:
The ECO dMEV has been designed and developed to offer the market a constant volume, continuously running decentralised extract fan to achieve the highest energy efficiency, the lowest noise and the lowest life-cycle costs.

MEV Spider System
MEV Spider
The MEV Spider is a low energy, continuous mechanical extract ventilation system designed with multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture-laden air out of the wet rooms, whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms.

The OZEO is centrally located in either the loft space or a hallway cupboard with ducts running from the unit to the kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and other wet rooms.




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