Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

SC Air Tightness & Ventilation are suppliers and installers of the Aereco Demand Controlled Ventilation systems. Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) is a way of looking at ventilating buildings that is a little different. Instead of there being a fixed rate of air exchange for a building or room on a best guess. DCV measures the air quality and adjusts the rate of air exchange minute by minute, room by room, based on actual need. A technical definition is: a system that provides automatic regulation of the ventilation system by sensing the indoor air quality (IAQ) and determining the required air change rate. It does this without user intervention, in other words it is automatic. This provides for better IAQ and saves energy.

Humidity is a very good indicator for air quality in dwellings. There are the obvious issues like showering and cooking, but even breathing creates moisture and CO². So, by monitoring humidity we can adjust and control the movement and volume of air exchange in a building, based on air quality. By following the needs of a building rather than a best guess, you also eliminate unnecessary ventilation, which in turn saves energy.

Aereco DCV, as a technology, is not new. It was invented nearly 30 years ago, when a humidity sensitive strip was invented, that could accurately and consistently open and shut an inlet or extract based on the relative humidity in the room. No power is required to operate the humidity sensitive strip. Both the inlets and the extracts react to IAQ and adjust the rate of airflow. The fan detects the pressure changes and adjusts the airflow accordingly. The fan is very quiet and very efficient. It does not require filter changes or regular service and should give years of trouble-free running. Because DCV only needs ducting from wet rooms, it makes the system ideal for cost effective installation of a whole house ventilation system. It is also ideal, therefore, for refurbishment and retrofit work.

Benefits of DCV

  •  Low electrical running costs (from 0.27-0.5 W/l/s).

  •  No need for filter changes.

  •  Quiet operation.

  •  Continuous demand driven extract ventilation.

  •  No occupier interface required.

  •  Humidity sensitive strips with 30 year guarantee.

The nett result with Aereco DCV is a system that is comparable in efficiency to heat recovery, cost effective and simple, but most importantly, quietly monitors and manages air quality. Aereco DCV is not constrained by air tightness levels, so it is suitable for all house types and all ages, new builds and retrofits.





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