Building Regulations - Part L Compliance

Changes to the minimum standards in energy efficiency that the new Part L regulations have introduced has created challenges for Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and other professionals in the construction sector.


Specifying Part L has become more complex and non-compliance has become a real possibility.


SC Air Tightness & Ventilation work closely with professionals in the construction sector and private clients through the provision of the following services:


Part L Compliance Check and Feedback.  We will carry out a thorough check of plans and specifications to ensure that they meet with the new Part L regulations.

  • Part L Specification:  Plans are submitted to us, which are then modified in line with all parts of the new Part L regulations.

  • Air Tightness Testing:  We carry out Air Tightness tests to ensure compliance has been met. See Air Tightness & Ventilation Section.

  • We provide Provisional and Full Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificates.


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